Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going on a Diet

I went to the doctor on Monday and got my lab results back. I have high cholesterol so I have to go on a diet, not to mention I've gained a ton of weight. So, I started dieting on Monday. I'm also keeping a food diary so I can keep track of what I'm eating and how much. If I don't get my cholesterol down I'll have to start taking meds for it and I can't afford to take anymore meds. I go back in 1 month, hopefully I'll have lost some weight by then.


  1. Oh wow,thats nothing to mess around with for sure. Did they give you some tips on what to cut out and what to eat more of? keep us updated on your progress:)

  2. I'm only suppsed to have
    225g carbs
    90g protein
    80g fat
    per day. Yeah, I'm supposed to cut out anything creamy, soups, ice cream, cheeses, butter, lol. Bread, of course anything fried, gravy, casseroles, pudding, cake, desserts, except jello (yeah me!)

    I can have like 2 tsp of butter, salad dressing, sour cream, 1 Tbsp of of those 3 times a day, so that isn't to bad.

    But I'm exceeding my carbs because I drink coke but I am drinking alot more water.

    If the scale was right at the Day Center (at work) yesterday, I've lost 2 pounds already!! WOOHOO!