Monday, December 22, 2008

Ribbon Bookmarks

year or so ago I bought a ribbon bookmark, then my friend bought me one. They are really pretty but the store bought ones are kinda pricey and have a limited selection. So, we thought we'd give it a try. Here are some of the ones that I made. The one with the bees is mine, I love that ribbon! It's funky cool! And looks great with the beads!!

I was really proud of the one with the frog on the end. It was one of the first ones that I made but I think it's super cute!

The black one is for Kevin's Mawmaw, it has a cross with Jesus on it. It's for her Bible, I hope she likes it!


  1. do you make those?? do you have to buy those metal ends? You should give a tut on how to make one because I would love to know. Hey...I see my name on one:) The beads on all of them are so pretty!!

  2. Hey you weren't supposed to read it! lol j/k, yes that one is yours, those were cool, they are slider beads and they're metal, unfortunately I only found that pack of blue. Yes, they are called ribbon clamps. I looked all over the place for them and finally 2 weeks ago Kym found them, it was the only pack they had and we split it. You can get them on ebay. They have different sizes and we're supposed to get some more of them. That one with your name on it, I seriously doubt you will be able to use that one as a book mark, it's heavy on one end.

  3. I will try to explain how to make them, it's super easy.

    You need:
    2 ribbon clamps (the width of your ribbon)
    1- 12" (or desired) length of ribbon
    2 split rings
    beads, charms
    wire or heavy duty bead thread
    crimp beads

    I found it's easiest to put the clamps on if you will close them some before you put the ribbon in the ends. I use pliars with a smooth surface to squeeze the clamps shut, you have to mash them kinda hard. After you get your clamps on your ribbon put a split ring on each of the clamps, you attach your string or wire to the split ring, slip on a crimp bead and crimp it shut so the string/wire won't come off. Add your charms and beads then add another crimp bead to keep them from coming off.

    If you aren't sure what ribbon clamps, crimp beads or split rings are you can search them on ebay in the craft section and it will bring them up with pics. Hope this helps!!