Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Hubby & Son, the Sweeties

About a month before Christmas I told Kevin about the Jane Seymour necklace that I had seen on tv. It was close to my birthday and we had went to Walmart, I can't remember what I was doing but Kevin had went to the jewelry counter and was looking around, he said "they don't have the heart necklace that you wanted". So, I told him that they sold them at Kay Jewelers, he remembered this til Christmas!! I got the necklace that I wanted and I didn't even know he went and bought it. I love it, it's sooo pretty!!
And on Christmas morning Brandon brought me a present, he said it was mine from him. It was a bottle of my favorite purfume!! It was too sweet, he even wrapped it himself!!

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  1. Aaaww the necklace is beautiful and that was super sweet of Brandon:-)