Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's still cold here, I think it's like 21 degrees at the moment. I so can't wait for Spring!! School is going well, I have my first test this week, tomorrow actually. I'm not ready for it, I need to study some more. I think I'm getting sick again :0( All I want to do is sleep and my head has been hurting more the past couple of days. I work today and then I'm off til Tuesday, I'm going to catch up on some sleep and the laundry. Guess I'll use that time to catch up on my homework so I can stay ahead on it. Everything else is pretty much the same.

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  1. Aaww how are you feeling now?? I hope you are doing ok. Jacob has some kind of nasty stomach virus and Im hoping the rest of us don't get it. Im so ready for summer..Im tired of the cold and rain.