Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

It has been raining non~stop for hours and hours. I wish it would stop raining. It has been raining so hard and dropping tons of water. I'm afraid we'll need boats soon. The ditches and some parts of the roads were covered in water last night when I left work, almost 8 hours ago so I can imagine what it's like out there now. This one spot in the road was covered totally on the opposite side of the road on my way home, I got to that spot at the same time as an on coming truck, I had my window cracked, thank goodness it wasn't cracked much, that truck soaked mine, it was almost funny in away. I wish it were warmer so we could go out and play in the ditches!! This kind of weather makes me want to curl up with a warm binky and sleep all day!


  1. Is it unusual fo you to have rain like this during winter? We are in a deep freeze over here. We have the crunchy snow,iced up roads and it's getting down below 14 degrees at night. We both need a nice warm vacation:)

  2. That is just way to cold! No, winter is our rainy season. It's unusual to have rain for like 40-45 hours straight. I took some pictures but I haven't uploaded them from my phone card yet. School is delayed 2 hours today because of the rain. Kevin said yesterday, (he's been sent to another job so he goes/comes home the way Brandons bus goes) that in some spots the water was really deep, at one spot the water came half way up the truck door, I can't believe he drove through it! I'm so glad the rain is over, I hope the sun comes out today!! Hope you stay warm!!